News News for cns en New Nutrition & Health Info Sheet on Protein Requirements Available! New Nutrition & Health Info Sheet for Health Professionals on protein requirements is up on the CNS website! July 02, 2020 Anonymous Beat the Summer Heat with a Healthy Glass of Iced Tea June is here and this month we are celebrating National Iced Tea Month! Whether you are sitting by the pool, playing a game of catch in the backyard, or simply enjoying a family-filled day at home, iced tea can be a refreshing drink to cool off during the hot summer. A healthy glass of iced tea makes for a great family-friendly option at any summer barbeque, picnic, or weeknight dinner. June 24, 2020 Anonymous Hack Your Summer with Healthy Snacks Hack your summer by planning your snacks ahead of time! Planning healthy snacks ahead of time for family summer activities, like picnics, hikes, or movie nights in the living room, can help satisfy hunger between meals, while also helping to meet your family’s health goals. June 10, 2020 Anonymous Ways to Keep Children Active this Summer Turn those inactive, summer days inside into fun-filled days spent outdoors! With school out, it’s important for kids to stay active over the summer. Healthy habits start with you. Be a role model and encourage safe and fun ideas to keep children of all ages active and busy this summer with these helpful tips. June 03, 2020 Anonymous Beat the Heat with No-Stove Recipes With temperatures rising, how does your family plan to beat the heat this summer? Keep your kitchen cool on hot days by preparing your meal without turning on the stove or oven! May 27, 2020 Anonymous Spice Up Your Summer with Salsa It’s National Salsa Month! As the weather get warmer, salsa is a great springtime snack that is bursting with flavor and packed with nutrients. With so many ways to prepare, flavor, and use salsa, salsa-making can be a fun, family activity for this month or anytime of the year! May 20, 2020 Anonymous Creative Ways to Reinvent Your Leftovers Do you often have a bunch of left-over food stored in your fridge at the end of a week? Don’t let them go to waste by repurposing your leftovers into something new and exciting! May 13, 2020 Anonymous New Nutrition & Health Info Sheet on the Ketogenic Diet Available! New Nutrition & Health Info Sheet for Health Professionals on ketogenic diet is up on the CNS website! May 08, 2020 Anonymous Sweeten this Summer with Berries Freshen up your summer snacks and meals with colorful berries! With a wide variety of berries, like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries to choose from, the potential recipes to make at home with the whole family are endless. May 07, 2020 Anonymous Get Moving with Fun, Functional Fitness! Functional fitness is an important part of daily exercise and a fun way to stay active! Including aerobic capacity, flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, balance, and agility activities throughout the day can help play a critical role in supporting your functional fitness and overall health goals. May 04, 2020 Anonymous Make a Meal with Soy Foods! April is National Soy Foods Month! Soybeans are an extremely versatile legume and can be prepared many different ways. Celebrate this month and every month, by including soy foods into your family meals! April 28, 2020 Anonymous Keep Things Fresh with Long-lasting Produce Looking to make less frequent trips to the grocery store? Even if you and your family aren’t shopping as often, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice eating fresh produce. In addition to frozen and canned, fresh produce can help you and your family incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your meals and be a key component to a healthy diet. Read more for fresh produce items that can last between 2 weeks and 3 months with the proper storage. April 15, 2020 Anonymous Spring Clean Your Kitchen! Say goodbye to the winter blues, and hello to springtime! The spring season is typically the time to get organized, clear out your clutter, and start fresh. Don’t forget your refrigerator and pantry when spring cleaning this year! Read more for helpful tips on spring cleaning your kitchen. April 08, 2020 Anonymous Buzz into Spring with a Green, Growing Garden The warm temperatures and bright, spring sunshine make for the perfect time to start your own garden! Get excited about planting a garden to enjoy the beauty of colorful flowers and taste of homegrown herbs, fruits, and vegetables all summer long! March 30, 2020 Anonymous Staying Busy during Break: Tips on Staying Active for Parents and Kids Spring break is here! With school out, it’s important for children’s bodies and brains to remain active. How can you provide activities and structure for your children’s free time, while maintaining your sanity as a parent? It’s never too late to start healthy habits. Make activities enjoyable and engaging for your child without disrupting your normal routine! Be a role model and encourage fun ideas to keep children of all ages active and busy this spring break with these helpful tips. March 19, 2020 Anonymous How Can You Practice Mindful Eating? When you think about the last meal you ate, how did you feel? What type of environment were you in? Did you savor the taste of your food? All of this can be related to mindful eating. Mindful eating allows you to be in control of your eating habits to help you enjoy your food and maintain a healthy eating pattern. March 18, 2020 Anonymous Every Bite Counts Towards Healthful Eating Habits! During the month of March, we are celebrating National Nutrition Month! This nutrition education campaign, created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, promotes the importance of making educated food choices and maintaining healthy eating and physical activity habits. March 10, 2020 Anonymous Think Outside the Lunch Box this National Pack Your Lunch Day! Think outside the lunch box this National Pack Your Lunch Day and keep your lunchtime routine from getting stale! Get creative with refreshing and colorful lunchtime ideas for whether you're packing your own or your whole family’s lunch for work and school this March 10th. March 02, 2020 Anonymous UC Davis Center for Nutrition in Schools Attends & Presents at the 7th Annual CalFresh Healthy Living Forum This February, UC Davis Center for Nutrition in Schools' staff attended and presented at the 7th Annual CalFresh Healthy Living Forum in Garden Grove. This forum brings together CalFresh Healthy Living partners from all over California to learn, share, and be inspired to engage and empower communities throughout the state. February 26, 2020 Anonymous Brighten Your Plate by Choosing Colorful Fruits and Vegetables There is a rainbow of fruits and vegetables that offer several health benefits! Make your meals vibrant and nutritious by choosing a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. Learn more about the different ways you can add colors onto your plate and promote good health. February 24, 2020 Anonymous