News News for cns en Stay Cozy this Winter with a Healthy Bowl of Soup Bundle up this cold winter with a perfect bowl of warm soup! Stock up on soups and stews filled with hearty and nutritious ingredients like vegetables, fruits, and fiber to satisfy your winter cravings. November 20, 2019 Anonymous Healthy Baking Alternatives The holiday season is upon us! Baking can be a fun and interactive family activity to celebrate winter festivities. Enjoy this season with a variety of healthy baked goods! November 12, 2019 Anonymous November is Diabetes Awareness Month! Throughout November, we are celebrating National Diabetes Awareness Month! During this month, the community comes together to bring attention to diabetes, diabetes management and prevention, and protecting yourself from other chronic complications. This year focuses on the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease. November 06, 2019 Anonymous It’s Citrus Season! Add some zest to your fall and winter with citrus fruit! The prime harvest time for many citrus fruits is between the months of November to March. Enjoy a “burst of sunshine” during these cold, chilly months, and include some citrus fruits into your day! October 29, 2019 Anonymous Eat Better, Eat Together Throughout October we are celebrating Eat Better, Eat Together Month! This month encourages families to take the time to gather around the table during mealtimes. Don’t let your family’s hectic schedule stop you from sitting down to eat a meal together! October 21, 2019 Anonymous Healthy Halloween Tips Trick or treat! Halloween is coming up, and it is a fun-filled day full off creative costumes, spooky surprises, and tasty treats. Keep your Halloween activities both spook-tacular and healthy with a few simple tips and ideas. October 14, 2019 Anonymous It’s Farm to School Month! October is National Farm to School Month! This month celebrates the connections between children and local foods and farms and highlights the schools, local farms, and communities that work together to serve fresh, locally-grown ingredients in school cafeterias. October 08, 2019 Anonymous Happy National Walk to School Day! October 2nd is National Walk to School Day! Join in on the fun Walk to School Day events around your community and take steps towards a healthier future! September 26, 2019 Anonymous Kick-start Your Morning with a Nutritious Breakfast! The school year is in full swing! Having a nutritious breakfast provides the nutrients kids need to be focused and prepared for the school day. Take the time to eat breakfast with quick and easy breakfast options! September 25, 2019 Anonymous Reducing Food Waste When Cooking at Home Gain more by wasting less! Practicing a few, smart habits in the kitchen can help you waste less food, spend less money, and help the Earth! As a community, it is important to make a conscious effort to minimize food waste, while still making nutritious, healthy choices. What can you do to ensure the most from your food? September 13, 2019 Anonymous All about Root Vegetables! Fall is the season for root vegetables! Visit the CNS blog to learn more about the different types of these delicious vegetables and how to prepare them. September 04, 2019 Anonymous Healthy Eating with Vegetarian Meals A vegetarian diet consists of various plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts.  While there are several types of vegetarianism, people who follow a vegetarian diet tend to not eat meat, fish, poultry, and sometimes dairy and eggs. No matter your choice of vegetarian lifestyle, it’s important to consume a variety of plant-based foods to meet your daily nutritional needs. Learn more about how to make a meat-free diet a healthy dietary choice right for you. August 19, 2019 Anonymous Stone Fruits are in Season! Nothing screams summer more than the sweet, juicy flavors of stone fruits! The term “stone fruit” refers to fruits that contain a hard inner pit or seed, which resembles a stone. From peaches and nectarines to plums, cherries, and apricots, there is an assortment of stone fruits available. August 14, 2019 Anonymous Head Back to School with a Healthy Lunch! It’s that time of year again that kids are heading back to school! Whether your child brings a packed lunch from home or buys lunch from the cafeteria, a healthy, balanced lunch is an essential component to a positive and successful school day. The beginning of the school year is a great time to start (or continue!) making healthy eating choices! August 07, 2019 Anonymous Quick Family Meals Now that summer is almost over and kids are heading back to school, it’s time to get back into a regular routine of preparing family dinners on weeknights. Don’t let everyone’s busy schedules stop you from making a healthy, nutritious meal! July 31, 2019 Anonymous Ways to Stay Active during Warm Weather Is the summer heat not fitting into your physical activity routine? Spending an extended amount of time outdoors may not be a practical option for you, but don’t let the rising temperatures keep you from staying active! July 24, 2019 Anonymous Add Summer Squash to Your Meal! Summer squash is in season! Find it at your local grocery store or farmers market to bring a pop of color and crunch to your meals. This versatile vegetable can be prepared in a variety of ways and added to several dishes you already make! July 17, 2019 Anonymous What is Vitamin D? Have you ever read a Nutrition Facts Label and wondered why vitamin D is one of the nutrients listed? Vitamin D is a nutrient of concern, meaning most Americans don’t consume enough. Low intake of Vitamin D can be associated with health concerns, such as osteoporosis.  July 10, 2019 Anonymous Refresh Yourself with Summer Fruit Hot, summer days are the perfect time to take advantage of some of your favorite seasonal fruits! From watermelon and cantaloupe to an assortment of summer berries, fruits are a nutritional, sweet treat that the whole family can enjoy. July 04, 2019 Anonymous Eating Right with Added Sugar What does the term “Added Sugars” mean? Added sugars are sweeteners and syrups that are added to processed or prepared foods, like frozen foods, cereals, snacks, sweets, and soft drinks.  This differs from natural sugars, which are found naturally in foods, such as fresh fruits and dairy products.  What are some easy ways that you can reduce your added sugar intake? July 02, 2019 Anonymous