California school nutrition directors, supervisors, menu planners, and staff are invited to attend webinars on a variety of menu planning topics. These presentations will focus on requirements for the selected topic, and any changes resulting from the new USDA menu planning requirements.

Upcoming Webinars

These free, one-hour Webinars will include information on the requirements and best practices for the selected topic, including U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) menu planning requirements and professional standards.

For more information about upcoming webinars please contact the UCD Cal-Pro-NET Center by phone at (530) 752-3387 or by e-mail at calpronet@ucdavis.edu.

Past Webinars

Training your staff in food safety using cal prop net resources 2017

Training Your Staff in Food Safety Using Cal-Pro-NET Resources (2017)

Learn how Cal-Pro-NET's free food safety training materials can help you train your staff in food safety and prepare them for a food protection manager exam.


Using Cal-Pro-NET Resources to Meet Professional Standards (2017)

Learn how Cal-Pro-NET's web-based trainings and resources can help you meet USDA Professional Standards for school nutrition program personnel.

Teaching Your Staff About Nutrition Webinar

Teaching Your Staff About Nutrition (2017)

This informative webinar will give you an overview of the Focus on Food Curriculum and how you can use it to teach your staff about nutrition recommendations and the importance of school nutrition program requirements.

Dietary Guidelines Webinar

2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (2016)

This Webinar, presented on April 26, 2016, provides information on the organization and content of the Dietary Guidelines report, as well as relates the Dietary Guidelines to school nutrition program goals.


Nutrition Education in School Nutrition Programs (2016)

This Webinar, presented on March 29, 2016, provides information on how to integrate nutrition education into the lunchroom, as well as ideas on how to coordinate with nutrition education that is happening in the classroom.

Serving Vegetarian Meals in School Nutrition Programs

Serving Vegetarian Meals in School Nutrition Programs (2016)

This Webinar, presented on February 23, 2016, provides you with tips on how to get started serving vegetarian meals and if you have already started, this webinar will help you expand on your options.


How to Meet Professional Standards Using the Focus on Food Curriculum (2016)

This Webinar, presented on January 21, 2016, provides you with an overview of the Focus on Food Curriculum, as well as provide information about the USDA Professional Standards requirements.


How to Start a School Salad Bar (2015)

This Webinar, presented on March 10, 2015, provides you with the tools to plan and execute a salad bar that is both affordable for your school and boasts a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Offer vs Serve Breakfast

Offer versus Serve for Breakfast (2014)

This Webinar, presented on August 28, 2014, provides information on the rules and regulations for Offer vs Serve for breakfast, and how to recognize a reimbursable breakfast for different grade groups.

offer vs server lunch

Offer versus Serve for Lunch (2014)

This Webinar, presented on July 30, 2014, provides information on the rules and regulations for Offer vs Serve for lunch, and how to recognize a reimbursable lunch for different grade groups.

Recipe Webinar

Calculating the Contribution of Recipes Using the Food Buying Guide (2014)

This Webinar, presented on February 12, 2014, provides information on how to use the Food Buying Guide to calculate the contribution of recipes to the meal pattern.

VPF Webinar

Verifying Product Formulation Statements for Purchased Food Items (2014)

This Webinar was presented on March 27, 2014.  It covers the importance of meeting the meal pattern when using purchased food products.  The issue of why we need to validate the contribution of processed foods toward the meal pattern is covered along with how to validate a product formulation statement (PFS).

Meal Claiming Requirements Webinar

Meal Claiming Requirements (2012)

This Meal Claiming Requirements webinar is a review of meal counting and claiming requirements, specifically addressing CRE review findings that may result in fiscal action.  In addition, changes required as a result of new menu planning regulations will be included, such as meal component requirements and offer versus serve updates. This webinar provides an opportunity to learn more about serving line changes needed to align with new USDA school menu planning requirements. 

Menu Production Records Webinar

Menu Production Records (2012)

This Menu Production Records Webinar provides information on how to prepare menu records to meet the requirements of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (effective July 1, 2012).

Offer Vs Serve Webinar

Offer Vs Serve (2012)

This webinar covers the USDA rules and regulations regarding offer versus serve for lunch effective July 1, 2012. Breakfast meal pattern requirements are also included, covering both current regulations and new requirements effective July 1, 2013, and July 1, 2014. The webinar demonstrates sample menus and how to apply requirements for food components for lunch and food items for breakfast.

Requirements for Transporting Meals Webinar

Requirements for Transporting Meals (2012)

This webinar covers the records necessary for transport meals. It covers the records to be kept at the preparation kitchen as well as the records to be kept at the satellite kitchen. Forms for bulk, pre-pack, hot and cold transport are shown. Records for documentation of safe food handling are also covered.

Salad Bars Webinar

Salad Bars: A Successful Menu Planning Tool (2012)

This webinar reviews the various requirements necessary for successful implementation of salad bars in schools. Topics covered include portion size, salad bar set up, menu production records, point of service, and food safety. Ideas, resources, and handouts will be provided.