Offer vs Serve: Breakfast Webinar

This webinar focuses on current Offer versus Serve (OVS) regulations for School Breakfast Program sponsors that are following USDA Nutrition Standards.  After providing a general review of OVS regulations and definitions, information is provided on the application of OVS to breakfast menu planning and meal service in a variety of settings.  Frequent questions regarding OVS, including use of OVS for pre-plated and family style meal service systems, are addressed.  Specific breakfast menu examples are given, with application to all grade levels. 

Offer Vs Serve Breakfast Webinar


Webinar Handouts

Suggested USDA Professional Standards Crediting Information

  • Key Area: Operations (2000)
    • Training Topic: Serving Food (2200)
      • Learning Objective: Complete a food production record and other required paperwork (2220)
      • Instructional Time: 1 Hour

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