Incorporating More Fruits & Vegetables into the Holidays

Pumpkin in the grass

Gobble Gobble! Already planning your Thanksgiving dinner? Although turkeys, roasts, potatoes, and baked goods tend to take center stage during the holiday, fruits and vegetables can help play an important role to truly round out your holiday festivities. Change it up this year by incorporating more vegetables and fruit into your Thanksgiving meal with these helpful tips:

  1. Add some veggies to your dishes that you usually make! Veggies provide vitamins, minerals and nutrients that can prevent diseases like stomach cancer and heart disease.
  2. Have vegetables at the table by adding in new side dishes to your feast! For more creative ideas, like apple cranberry salad toss and green bean sauté, visit the USDA’s website.
  3. Fruit up the dessert with fresh fruit after the big meal! It can be as simple as having a plate filled with fruit or topping off your favorite dessert, like pie, with a serving of fresh fruit. For more fruit-based dessert ideas visit Fruit & Veggies More Matters website.