SHCP Activities

Shaping Healthy Choices Program

School Wellness PolicyThe Shaping Healthy Choices Program is a multi-component, school- based intervention that was developed to improve children’s health.

This program integrates activities within four components, all working together to sustain positive health outcomes:

  1. Nutrition education and promotion
  2. Family and community partnerships
  3. Foods available on the school campus with an emphasis on regional agriculture
  4. School wellness policies

This program incorporates the following elements:

  • Nutrition education, featuring a standards-based nutrition curriculum that utilizes inquiry-based and experiential learning approaches
  • Instructional gardens to enhance nutrition education
  • Cooking demonstrations that engage youth in exploring new foods using their five senses
  • Family newsletters to promote parenting practices that have been shown to be effective
  • Salad bars in the school lunchroom that feature regional produce
  • School-based wellness committees to support and sustain the program
  • School-wide health fairs comprising nutrition related educational booths and games, and the support and participation of community partners

The following resources were developed for the Shaping Healthy Choices Program:

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