Healthy Choices in Motion

Kids running.


Healthy Choices in Motion was developed as part of the Shaping Healthy Choices Program. The Shaping Healthy Choices Program is a multi-component approach to improve children’s food choices.

Healthy Choices in Motion allows students to explore a comprehensive set of physical activity concepts, including the benefits of physical activity, recommendations across the lifespan, the five components of physical fitness, why doing a variety of physical activity is important, and what being physically active means to you. Concepts for this curriculum were identified from the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2015, CATCH, Centers for Disease Control, and California Department of Education.

All activities are structured around a five-step experiential learning cycle. In the Experience phase, students carry out the procedures of an activity. In the Share, Process, and Generalize phases, students participate in discussion about their observations and experiences, make inferences about them, and generalize these findings to real-world settings. In the Application phase, students use what they have learned and practice it in authentic settings. This is accomplished in Healthy Choices in Motion through a take-home journal that students can complete with their families and an optional technology-enhancement.

Healthy Choices in Motion

The curriculum is organized into five sequential modules that begin with foundational skills and build to more complex skills:


Healthy Choices in Motion newsletters are designed to be sent home with the student and engage youth and adults with games and examples of physical activity that can be done with the entire family. Newsletters include content related to the benefits of physical activity, physical activity recommendations, the components of physical fitness, and the importance of engaging in a variety of physical activity.


**The HCIM training modules are currently unavailable. Please check back for updates.

Training for the Healthy Choices in Motion curriculum is provided through the platform OpenLearning. The Healthy Choices in Motion OpenLearning Module includes a brief orientation on inquiry learning and how to effectively use the curriculum. Trainees will then review each module with the assistance of training videos demonstrating each physical activity. After reviewing the training video and information provided on each module, trainees will complete a brief assessment to test their knowledge. A Certificate of Completion is available after finishing the course.