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USDA Professional Standards

New USDA Professional Standards were recently issued in regulation and became effective on July 1st, 2015. The purpose of the Professional Standards is to ensure that all school nutrition professionals have the knowledge and training needed to serve healthful and safe meals to children in school nutrition programs.  The following list of resources includes information about this new regulation:

Overview of the USDA Professional Standards

This presentation may be used for training purposes to familiarize school nutrition program staff with these new standards.

External Resources

USDA Professional Standards Web Site

The new USDA continuing education requirements for child nutrition program personnel are organized into four Key Areas, listed below.  By selecting each specific topic within these Key Areas, a list of resources is provided for each of these topics. All of the links below can be accessed through the USDA Professional Standards website. This list is not all encompassing of the resources available there.

Federal Register, Section 7 CFR Parts 210 and 235

This page is an easy-to-search, web-based version of the Professional Standards Final Rule on the Federal Register website. This page also provides options for downloading and printing the Final Rule. 

USDA Professional Standards for All School Nutrition Program Employees

This is a Professional Standards summary flyer created by the USDA, which includes hiring standards for both Local and State Directors, as well as training standards for all employees. 

Professional Standards Learning Objectives

The Professional Standards Learning Objectives are a resource for school nutrition employees and trainers. It lists training topics in the four Key Areas of Nutrition, Operations, Administration and Communications/Marketing. Each Key Area has several Key Topics and specific training subjects with objectives that will assist those who are planning or tracking training.

School Nutrition Association Resources

California Department of Education Resources

The Child Nutrition Program Career Ladder outlines positions available within child nutrition programs.

Training and Education Needs Assessment