Girl holding broccoli with fork.

Training Curriculum

The following materials were created by CNS with funding from the California Department of Education to provide professional development resources for child nutrition personnel. To find out more about professional development offered through CNS, visit our training opportunities page.

Healthy guide to food.Focus on Food: Nutrition and Health for School Nutrition Programs

This curriculum is designed for school nutrition program personnel, such as cooks, servers, and frontline staff. It utilizes learner-centered methods to allow participants to investigate nutrition concepts, including: nutrients and their functions in the human body; benefits of physical activity; food recommendations based on gender, age, and level of activity; portions, serving sizes, and the Nutrition Facts Label; factors that influence eating behavior; Smarter Lunchrooms Movement; and local school wellness policies. This is a free downloadable resource.

Food safety guideFood Safety for Child Nutrition Programs

These materials are available to individuals who are interested in teaching the Food Safety for Child Nutrition Programs course to child nutrition staff. This course covers major food safety concepts and regulations.

External resourcesExternal Resources

Here we provide links to external sites with content that may be of use to individuals seeking information about curriculum related to nutrition in schools.