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Team Up for Families Newsletters

Team up for Families LogoTeam Up for Families is a newsletter series designed to supplement in-school nutrition education programming with resources for parents. The curriculum is composed of eight newsletters to support parents in promoting healthy eating habits and environments for their school-aged children. Newsletters include content related to nutrition recommendations for school aged children, parenting skills to promote quality interactions with children, and relevant developmental milestones for this age group. Each newsletter also includes interactive quizzes and family activities.

These newsletters are free, downloadable resources:

  • Family Newsletter 1: Winning Mealtime Battles (English)
  • Family Newsletter 2: Movin’ On Up (English)
  • Family Newsletter 3: What’s in Your Drink (English)
  • Family Newsletter 4: The Real Happy Meal (English)
  • Family Newsletter 5: A Garden Party (English)
  • Family Newsletter 6: So You Think You Can Shop? (English)
  • Family Newsletter 7: What’s Growin’ On (English)
  • Family Newsletter 8: Snack down (English)