2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

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This informative Webinar includes topics such as: the purpose and history of the U.S. government's dietary guidance, how nutrition science is translated into the development of dietary recommendations, the organization and content of the Dietary Guidelines report, and how the Dietary Guidelines relates to school nutrition program goals.

Dietary guidelines 2015-2020


Webinar Handouts

Suggested USDA Professional Standards Crediting Information

  • Key Area: Nutrition (1000)
    • Training Topic: General Nutrition (1300)
      • Learning Objective: Relate the Dietary Guidelines and USDA’s food guidance system (such as MyPlate) concepts to the goals of the school nutrition programs (1310)
      • Instructional Time: 1 Hour

You can find more suggested USDA Professional Standards crediting information by viewing our downloadable resource here.