Girl looking at fruits.

Connecting the Dots

In conjunction with California Department of Education, Drs. Rachel Scherr, Marilyn Briggs, and Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr have created a set of nutrition competencies and a competency-based resource guide. Connecting the Dots… is filled with materials that have been created by nutrition, health, and education experts. It has been created as a way for child care providers and teachers of preschool-aged children to have an array of teaching materials that cover the Nutrition Competencies and Grade Level Expectations. Connecting the Dots... is divided into nine sections including the competencies, teacher materials, activities, recipes, parent materials, field trip ideas, gardening materials, a section for children under two, and a list of additional resources. These cover the entire scope of the nutrition competencies and are all cross-referenced to each other. All of the sections may be viewed, but the parent materials section cannot be printed. If you feel that these materials are valuable to you, please download the order forms for these materials and buy a copy today!

Happy, healthy teaching!!

These files are in Adobe PDF adobe pdf picture format. The free Adobe Reader is available online. To print the files in Acrobat, go to File/Print and make sure it says "Documents and Stamps" in the "Comments and Forms" box of the Print dialogue screen as seen in the picture.

Rachel Scherr, Ph.D.
Marilyn Briggs, Ph.D., R.D.
Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr, Ph.D.