Ways to Keep Children Active this Summer

Turn those inactive, summer days inside into fun-filled days spent outdoors! With school out, it’s important for kids to stay active over the summer. Healthy habits start with you. Be a role model and encourage safe and fun ideas to keep children of all ages active and busy this summer with these helpful tips.

Learn More about the Hottest Topics in Nutrition!

Have you ever wanted to learn more about hot topics in nutrition, but didn’t know where to look for a reliable research-based resource? The CNS has the answer for you with our Nutrition Fact Sheets! Be sure check out the latest additions to our website, like Gluten, the Paleo Diet, Water, Caffeine, and Energy Drinks.

Celebrate National Public Health Week!

This week is National Public Health Week! NPHW focuses on the importance of creating healthy communities through prevention and prioritizing health in government policy making. What are some ways you can make a difference in creating a healthier community in your area?