Add Summer Squash to Your Meal!

Summer squash is in season! Find it at your local grocery store or farmers market to bring a pop of color and crunch to your meals.  This versatile vegetable can be prepared in a variety of ways and added to several dishes you already make!


There are many different types of summer squash, but some of the most popular are zucchini, crookneck, and scallop (also called patty pan).  Each variety has a unique shape, color, size, and flavor, so choose your favorite!  Summer squash contains several beneficial nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, potassium, and folate. 


Listed below are different ways to highlight summer squash in your next dish.

  • Grill it!  For those summer barbecues, add some summer squash to the grill!  Cut your squash into long strips and drizzle with oil or cook it in smaller pieces wrapped up in foil.
  •  Enjoy it roasted, sautéed, or steamed.  A side of summer squash goes perfect with any meal.   Depending on how you prefer your squash prepared, just add your favorite spices and seasonings to help flavor your vegetables.
  • Add it to your favorite dishes or baked goods.  Summer squash can be incorporated into soups, stews, and casseroles to add variety, increase your vegetable consumption, and help you obtain more nutrients.  It can even be used in baking pancakes, muffins, and breads to ensure your baked goods stay moist and fluffy!
  • Turn it into a boat!  Stuffed zucchini is a popular hit among the kids because it looks so fun and appealing!  Make it your own by customizing the filling that goes inside. To learn how to make a “squash boat,” check out this recipe!


Be creative! The possibilities are endless!  When cooking summer squash, turn it into a family activity, where kids can help with age-appropriate tasks such as washing and cutting vegetables or measuring ingredients. 

For more ideas, check out the USDA website for a list of recipes that include summer squash!

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