Beat the Heat with No-Stove Recipes

With temperatures rising, how does your family plan to beat the heat this summer? No-stove or no-cook meals can help to keep those hot, summer days a little cooler. Many no-cook and no-stove recipes can make multiple batches to freeze for later and include pre-cooked ingredients such as rotisserie chicken, canned beans, and canned and frozen vegetables to help you save time and plan ahead. With minimal meal planning and a variety of nutritious ingredients to choose from, try incorporating the listed tips and suggestions below on no-cook and no-stove ideas into your next weeknight meal.


Take advantage of your other kitchen appliances to create a tasty meal for the whole family!

  • Simmer Your Way to Dinner with Your Slow Cooker:  Instead of storing your slow cooker away this summer, put it to use all year-long for an easy weeknight meal!  Continue using your slow cooker for the same reasons you love it in the winter, with the addition of summer’s bright produce and light flavors! Pair your slow cooker favorites, such as baby-back ribs, pulled pork sliders, beef brisket, and chicken sandwiches with a side salad or fruit salsa for a refreshing summer taste!
  • Savor the Flavors of the World with a Pressure Cooker: Weekly staples such hard-boiled eggs, soup, enchiladas, and even pasta can be made without turning on the kitchen oven or stove top! Enjoy the tastes of various cultures with recipes made with a pressure cooker (such as an Instant Pot), like Asian chicken lettuce wraps, Tex-Mex shrimp tacos, Cajun pork over rice, and Indian-inspired chicken curry for speedy weeknight meals over the summer.
  • Relish in the Rice Cooker’s Endless Recipes: Although your rice cooker can be a convenient way to prepare a perfect pot of rice, it can also prepare a variety of other delicious foods as well! For example, try cooking a nutritious breakfast such as egg frittatas; simply  whisk eggs into your rice cooker bowl, add ingredients, like diced ham and vegetables, and set the rice cooker to its regular rice setting. You can also mix in ingredients to your rice for a delicious, one-pot meal. While you cook your rice, steam some meat and vegetables on top to enhance the flavor of the rice and create a well-balanced meal!
  • Blend Your Summer Smoothie:  If you’re looking for a healthy way to keep cool over summer, a smoothie or smoothie bowl made with a blender is a refreshing option!  It’s an easy way to use seasonal, summer produce such as berries, beets, peaches, and watermelon, and add a serving of fruits and vegetables to your day. Check out these steps on how to create your own smoothie!


For more tips and recipes for quick and healthy meals without using a stove, visit the Eat Right website

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