Stay Physically Active During the Holidays

family playing in the snow

Winter is here! With the colder temperatures, we often stay home and bundle up with the family to play games and drink hot cocoa. Keep yourself and your family active through the winter by incorporating some outdoor activities! Here are some fun outdoor activities:

  • Take a stroll around the neighborhood. Increase the holiday joy by enjoying the flickering lights and cute decorations with your family! 
  • Go to a local trail or park. Enjoy a nice walk in nature with your family!
  • Make use of your community resources. Play a game of basketball or tennis with your family on the local outdoor courts!


Don’t let the snow prevent you from going out either! You and the family can still stay active by playing in the snow!

  • Add an addition to the family by building a snowman! Everyone can take part in creating and decorating the snowman.

It is important to stay safe in the chilly weather. Remember to stay hydrated! You and your family may not feel it, but fluid can be lost from simply breathing in the cold air! It is also important to check the weather and dress in layers before heading out!


For some more fun outdoor activities: