Take a Trip to the Farmers Market

farmer's market

Now that the weather is getting warmer, enjoy the outdoors by taking a trip to the farmers market! The farmers market is a great place to sample and buy fresh produce that is locally grown. There is so much to see, smell, and taste that it will be quite the experience for you and your entire family! 

Local farmers market can be a great place to gather on the weekend to enjoy the sun, shop for fresh produce and locally-made treats, and have fun together as a family.  Every week, there may be different vendors and items, so there’s often a wide assortment of things to see and buy.  Some items that you can find at a farmers market can include:

  • seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • fresh herbs
  • meats, poultry, and fish
  • eggs
  • ready-to-eat foods
  • pantry items - like honey, spices, and olive oil
  • flowers
  • crafts – like soap and clothing accessories  

Heading to the farmers market is a fantastic way to get kids involved in choosing healthy foods. Kids can see the colorful variety of produce, and the farmers market may even have items not commonly found in the grocery store. Many stands offer samples to try, which can make the perfect opportunity to trying something new!  It can also be a great learning experience for children, as they can see where their food comes from and meet local farmers.

It is also a good way to find the best seasonal produce!  Many fruits and vegetables are optimally grown during a certain season, so visiting the farmers market can tell you when it’s the best time to buy your favorite fruits and vegetables.


Items from the farmers market can help add the perfect ingredients to prepare a delicious farm-to-fork meal.  If possible, make it a weekend tradition to visit the farmer’s market and pick up some local treats! To find a farmers market closest to you, visit USDA's National Farmers Market Directory.

Have you heard of Market Match? This program matches customers’ federal nutrition assistance benefits, like CalFresh and WIC, at farmers’ markets!