Happy National Walk to School Day!

boy walking with backpack

October 2nd is National Walk to School Day! It is a day to get families, teachers, and community members active, while educating children about the benefits of walking. Join in on the Walk to School Day events around your community and take steps towards a healthier future!


What are the benefits of walking or biking to school?

  • Helps build healthy habits! The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends that children get at least one hour of physical activity each day. Walking and biking to school can help encourage healthful habits at a young age and contribute to improved mood, bone and muscle strength, cardiovascular health, and sleep. Regular physical activity can also decrease the risk for chronic diseases in the future. 
  • Increases community engagement! It’s a great way to meet new neighbors, encourage each other to stay active together, and overall, build a sense of community within the neighborhood. 
  • Contributes to a cleaner and safer environment! When more people walk and bike to school there are fewer cars are on the road, less traffic congestion, and roads are safer for pedestrians and cyclists.


What can you do to celebrate Walk to School Day?

  • Walk or bike to school!  Invite neighbors to join you and enjoy the fresh air and morning sun as you walk to school.  Create a sense of adventure and independence as celebrate a fun day! For students that live father away, designate a meeting area that is within walking distance from school to ensure everyone can participate in Walk to School Day.
  • Create a “walking school bus.”  What is a walking school bus? Simply put, a walking school bus is a group of students walking a designated route supervised by an adult. A walking school bus is both a fun and safe way for families to play an active role in Walk to School Day!


For more information and resources, check out the Walk and Bike to School website.