Healthy Halloween Tips


Trick or treat! Halloween is coming up, and it is a fun-filled day full off creative costumes, spooky surprises, and tasty treats.  Keep your Halloween activities both spook-tacular and healthy with a few simple tips and ideas. 


Here are some tips to help you celebrate a happy and healthy Halloween.

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth in moderation. Instead of making candy and sweets off-limits, eat them in moderation. If you do choose to eat sweets, opt for smaller portions or “fun-sized” treats. Find a healthy balance for you and your child’s food intake by creating an atmosphere of smart choices for holiday celebrations!
  • Have a goulishly good time creating your own healthy Halloween-themed snacks. As an alternative to Halloween candy and sweets, put a fun twist on healthy snacks! Make your own treats that incorporate a source of fruits, vegetables, or whole grains. Include Halloween snacks like pumpkin muffins, baked apples topped with cinnamon, candy corn fruit parfaits, jack-o-lantern veggie platters, and tangerine pumpkins at your next Halloween party! Check out these fun ideas from Produce for Kids here for more healthy Halloween treats!
  • Get festive this holiday with pumpkins. In addition to jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins can also be used in many Halloween recipes.  Pumpkins are a popular seasonal produce item during the fall and an excellent source of Vitamin A and dietary fiber. Roast pumpkin seeds, puree pumpkins into a delicious soup, or bake pumpkin cookies and bread; the possibilities are endless! Check out this infographic from MyPlate for even more pumpkin recipes.
  • Stay active with exciting Halloween games!  Get kids moving during Halloween by playing games such as zombie tag and capture the ghost, or having a three-legged monster race.  Turn on some spooky Halloween tunes and have a monster mash dance party!


When Halloween is over, try putting leftover sweets out of sight to resist the temptation of eating. This is a great opportunity to teach kids about eating special treats in moderation, while maintaining an overall nutritious, healthy diet.


For more ways to have a healthier Halloween, check out