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The UC Davis Center for Nutrition in Schools (CNS) Spotlighted on Wells Fargo’s online journal, “Wells Fargo Stories”

October 29, 2018

The UC Davis Center for Nutrition in Schools (CNS) was recently spotlighted on Wells Fargo’s online journal, “Wells Fargo Stories.” The news article, titled “Transforming Inner-city Youth – Mind, Body, and Food Literacy” showcased the successful partnership between the CNS and Success Through Self (STS) Academy, a nonprofit that provides after-school programs for youth in Pittsburg, California.

Healthy Holiday Celebrations

October 25, 2018
Holiday celebrations for the fall and winter season are already coming up! Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or school nutrition staff member, planning a party can be a great place to incorporate healthy eating and physical activity into a child’s life. Here are some fun and easy ideas for healthy holiday celebrations.

High School Students Introduced to Nutrition Education Programs

March 19, 2017
High school students helped plant green beans in a CNS educational garden. These were just two of many high school students that participated in the UC Davis Academic Preparation Program where they attended academic enrichment courses in addition to receiving exposure to research at UC Davis.

Team Davis Gardening for Health

March 18, 2017
Members of Team Davis in Davis, CA are currently participating in a pilot study which seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of Nutrition to Grow On for improving food choices and nutrition knowledge among children and adults with developmental, cognitive and/or physical disabilities.

CNS at Experimental Biology Conference

March 17, 2017
Nutrition education research conducted by several CNS researchers gained attention at a recent Experimental Biology Conference. Dr. Eric L. Hazzard, a CNS researcher shown at left, and colleagues presented the results from an evaluation of California Instructional School Garden Program grants.

Nutrition Education Competencies at Work

March 14, 2017
In collaboration with the UC Davis Center for Nutrition in Schools, the California Department of Education finalized the Nutrition Education Competencies for educating school-age children about healthy eating and nutrition.

Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) Food Day

October 24, 2016
Every year, on October 24th, thousands of events all around the country bring Americans together to celebrate and enjoy food and to push for improved food policies. Food Day inspires Americans to change their diets and food policies. This year Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) hosted a Food Day event on Monday, October 24th at Pleasant Grove High School.

Shaping Healthy Choices Program Spotlighted on KOVR 13 News

May 07, 2014
The Shaping Healthy Choices Program was recently spotlighted on the Sacramento KOVR13 News program. The news story, titled "UC Davis Researchers Help Students Eat Healthier, Make Better Decisions" highlighted the recent success of the program in several participating schools. SHCP researcher Dr. Rachel Scherr was interviewed along with students in a participating school.

UC Delivers - Improving youths’ nutritional knowledge and skills by discovering healthy choices

May 06, 2014
UC Cooperative Extension specialists in nutrition and youth scientific literacy worked with graduate and undergraduate students, and the director of the School Gardening Program to develop a garden-based nutrition curriculum for the school-based Shaping Healthy Choices Program (SHCP). The Discovering Healthy Choices curriculum utilizes inquiry-based approaches and experiential learning. The lessons help youth understand nutrition concepts (e.g., how nutrients support and maintain health) and learn to make evidence-based food choices (e.g., comparing food labels). The program includes hands-on garden-based activities and addresses California Common Core State Standards in math and language arts. Students who participated in Discovering Healthy Choices activities as part of the SHCP demonstrated a measurable increase in nutrition knowledge. The curriculum is currently under review by the California Department of Education, Healthy Kids Resource Center and will be made available to elementary schools, the UC CalFresh Program, and the California 4-H Youth Development Program.

Childhood obesity drops with new school nutrition program, study shows

May 05, 2014
The percentage of overweight or obese children in test schools dropped from 56 percent to 38 percent over the course of a single school year, thanks to a new nutrition program developed and tested in the classroom by nutrition researchers at the University of California, Davis. “The education component of this program is intended to help children develop nutrition-related problem solving skills,” said co-author Jessica Linnell, a senior doctoral candidate in the UC Davis Department of Nutrition. “We think that these skills, combined with knowledge about foods, may be critical in order for children to make healthy choices.” Researchers say the Shaping Healthy Choices Program could be adopted nationally at little cost to schools. The program was pilot-tested for this study in schools located in Sacramento and Stanislaus counties.

School nutrition and wellness program improves eating habits, lowers BMI

May 04, 2014
CNS researcher Dr. Rachel Scherr recently reported on preliminary results of the Shaping Healthy Choices Program at the 2014 Experimental Biology Meeting in San Diego, California. Dr. Scherr notes that results show that the program has a real impact on students’ health. “When we designed the study, we anticipated short-term outcomes like kids having more knowledge of nutrition or being able to identify more vegetables. We always had a long-term goal of decreasing BMI, but we didn’t anticipate that it would happen in such a short timeframe. We are thrilled,” said Scherr.